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The Dark Watchers

The beautiful coastal hills of central California hide a shadowy secret.

Monster in Riverside

Did Charles Wetzel see a monster in Riverside one dark and stormy night in 1958?

California's Mystery House

The Winchester Mystery House located in my hometown of San Jose, CA may just be the most haunted house in all of California.

The Ojai Vampire

Did a real European vampire make the Ojai Valley in Southern California his home?

California's Loch Ness Monster

You may have heard of the Loch Ness Monster, but what Lake Tahoe's own version called Tessie? Take that Scotland!

Haunted Wolf's Lair

High up in the Hollywood Hills sits a home with secret passageways, turrets, mystery, and the ghost of its creator.

What is California Creepypasta?

Want to hear the creepiest stories California has to offer? Want to see the actual locations where they took place?

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