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It’s the place where people go to become a star or create a start up! It’s the land of milk and honey, the eighth biggest economy in the world, THE GOLDEN STATE! California is where dreams come true, but lurking just behind the glitz & glamour hide strange stories. Tales that creep and crawl when the golden rays begin to fade. California is a much darker place than we are led to believe. Well, that is if you know the stories, see the sights, go off the beaten path, and brave the unknown. Or, I can just do that for you!

Join me, Nick Valenzuela, as I take you to the creepiest locations California has to offer. I’ll tell you the stories, show you the actual locations, and maybe we can learn a thing or two along the way without screaming in fear and peeing our pants. Welcome to California Creepypasta!

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About Me

My name is Nick Valenzuela and I am the creator of California Creepypasta. I have been fascinated with the strange and mysterious all my life. Add to that, a zest for the open road and throwing myself with reckless abandon into adventure (sorry mom). 

I am a native Californian. A graduate of the Warren Institute for Paranormal Studies as a certified paranormal investigator. I consider myself a Fortean and open minded researcher. 

Join me on the adventure!  

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