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Haunted Hotel California

One of the most iconic and beautiful hotels in all of California, the Mission Inn of Riverside is beautiful, mysterious, and haunted.

Haunted Hollywood Sign

A sign that broadcasts to all that you are in the land of cinema and dreams may actually be the stuff of nightmares!

The Lady in Lace

One of the most beautiful stretches of road in all of California claims a mysterious woman in white.

Pasadena's Haunted Bridge

Built in 1912 as a passage over the Arroyo Seco River this bridge is now known for being one of Pasadena’s haunted hot spots.

The Blue Lady

Built in 1927 the Moss Beach Distillery is now haunted by the Blue Lady.

The Woman in Black

A California historical landmark is home to the mysterious woman in black.

The Lighthouse

A haunted lighthouse accessed by a road that washes away at high tide. Welcome weary travelers to the Battery Point Lighthouse.

Haunted Toys R Us

This one time toy store in Sunnyvale, CA has been a tomb for playful spirits. It started long before it closed its doors for good in 2018.

The Char Man

Along the San Antonio Creek in Ojai, CA lives the legend of a man, monster, ghost, or something else entirely called the Char Man.

Haunted Old West

This Make Shift Ghost Town is For Real Haunted! 👻🤠

Haunted Train Tunnels

Does a now abandoned railway tunnel system hold the spirits of the workers who constructed it, high in the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range?

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